Through art we will

Create a world where all people are connected, empowered & valued

Who We Are

The RENA Initiative is a community interest company that exist to Recognise, Empower and Nurture Artists (RENA).

We believe in making art accessible for all people to improve mental health and wellbeing, and strengthen communities.

Our mission is to create a world where all art galleries and institutions reflect diversity in their imagery, artists and employees.

The woWC

'The RENA Initiative presents: The WoWC' is a FREE painting workshop for women - including gender identifying women - who are isolated, elderly or unemployed

What We Do


— We Create


— We Build Networks


— We Strengthen


— We Mentor


— We Connect


— We Consult

Testimonials from The RENA initiative presents: The WoWC art exhibition

Jazz Browne, Chief Executive at Nubian Life

“It was a much needed representation of the creativity of residents in the North of the borough, who are often talked about in term of health inequalities, unemployment and crime. To see this burst of creativity was beautiful, inspiring and evidence that social policy needs to focus more on arts and wellbeing. It will be a lost opportunity to develop community resilience by not to repeating/expanding the project.” 

Priya Pallan, Imperial College Community Engagement Manager

“Inspiring and heart-warming. The exhibition felt truly local and exemplified what being part of a community means. I enjoyed how the women hosted the event and talked about their work and the empowering journey they went through utilising art as a medium to work through their life experiences – you can tell that everyone is looking forward to continuing their journeys and i can’t wait to see what’s next!”